About HAMP

Residence Inexpensive Modification Program (HAMP)

Should you are going through a challenging moment creating your home finance loan payments for reasons not relevant to lack of employment, you may well meet the requirements for HAMP. HAMP reduces your month-to-month mortgage loan payment to thirty one % of your proven regular gross (pre-tax) earnings to make your payments far more inexpensive. The typical HAMP modification results in a 40 % decline in a monthly mortgage payment. Eighteen percent of HAMP homeowners reduce their payments by $1,000 or more.
You could be eligible to apply should you meet all the following:

You occupy the home as your main residence.
You obtained your home finance loan on or ahead of January 1, 2009.
Youve got a house loan payment which is more than 31 pct of your monthly gross (pre-tax) earnings.
You owe up to $729,750 on your residence.
You might have a monetary hardship and are either delinquent or at risk of falling behind.
You might have sufficient, documented income to support the modified payment.
You need to not have been convicted inside the last 10 years of felony larceny, theft, fraud or forgery, cash laundering or tax evasion, in connection with a home finance loan or actual estate transaction.